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Custom Design Cuts
Women Starting at 50*
Men Starting at 38*
Children 30**
Hair color services
All over color 75
Color retouch 65
Extra color fee for thick hair or added color patterns 10 - 30
Color retouch with high or low lights 95+
Full high or low lights 105+
Full high or low light retouch 95+
Partial high or low lights 85+
Partial high or low light retouch 85+
Add Finest Pigments toning gloss 15
*A $20 discount is given when cut and color services are booked together. If you are scheduled for both a cut and color, but want to cancel one or the other as the date of your service approaches, please give 24 hour notice as required for normal appointment cancellations. (Thank you for your help in keeping my books orderly and efficient!)
**Children under 10 years of age who’s hair requires the time and attention of an adult hair cut will be charged regular adult hair cut prices.

Other Services
Shampoo & blow dry 35+
Formal style 85
Wedding package 150