Consistently Awesome

Sarah cuts my curly hair really well (something not all hair stylists can do)- I am always very pleased with her work. She also cuts my husband's hair- which is stick straight and she does excellent work with him too. He changes his hair style every time he goes for a cut, Sarah always has new ideas for him to try. She also cuts my mom's hair and my mom loves her cuts.I don't think there is a hair type or style that Sarah can't master. She does it all and it's executed with excellence. ~Lyndsey H

Reliable Great Hair Cut

Sarah always does an excellent job cutting my wavy/curly hair. Getting curly layers right is not something every stylist knows, but Sarah is amazing at it. She also makes it possible for my hair to look good straightened some of the time (a girl's gotta have options!) She is very friendly and sweet during appointments; getting my hair cut by Sarah is always something I look forward to!

Emily T

Hair cut & color

Sarah gives a great hair cut and color. I have fine (average thickness) hair & am 58 years old. My hair has always been sensitive to color or perms and is easily damaged. My hair feels better and healthier after leaving Sarah's salon. She has the perfect eye to match color/highlights with my natural color as that pesky gray hair is growing in! Have had many cuts/colors in my life and Sarah is the best!


Sarah knows curly girls!

Sarah does such a great job with my natural curl. I have never been to another hair stylist who understood how to cut curly hair like Sarah (I'm in my fifties and I have been to many stylists). She does a marvelous job of color as well. I have a fair amount of gray hair in my blondish brown and she does a great job of highlighting to hide the gray while making my hair look very natural.

Michelle T

Best Curly Hair Stylist I've Found

Upon moving to Portland, I needed to find a new hair stylist and pronto. Sarah was recommended by three different women in the Southeast area. So, I gave her a try. She did and does AMAZING with my crazy curly hair. She has now cut it four times and I've loved it every time. If you are looking for someone to cut your curly hair - she is the one to do it! A friend, who has straight hair also loves her but I can't speak into straight hair anything. ; ).


Love Sarah!

I always look forward to my hair appointments with Sarah - both because I know my hair will look great and because we can have great conversation while we're together. She's always asks what I want and helps me explain it when I'm not quite sure :)

Karen C

Sarah is awesome!

Sarah takes her time and is present in her work. Added bonus- she's fun to talk to. :) She's full of great ideas as well.

Celeste L

Fantastic cut and experience

Sarah is the best hairstylist I've been to in a long time. I wasn't sure what I wanted, only that I needed a change, and she was great about laying out some different options suitable to myself. And I love it! And bonus, she's both professional and hilarious.

Sarah T

natural curly hair wonders

Born with natural curls is not easy because no one until now can cut and style my hair except Sarah Prentice!...Awesome job!

Mrs. T

All hail the haircut goddess!

Best haircut for curley/wavy hair ever! I am very happy with it and appreciate that Sarah took time to listen to my concerns.



Best haircut in Portland.... She is wonderful! I have been to a lot of places in town and This is by far the best haircut I have ever had!
I will never go anywhere else!!!


Best hair cut in years!!!

For the first time in years i could go from my haircut on with my day. I have had haircuts all over the world literally and I just found my favourite here in Portland!
Thank you Sarah!!!

Jessica M

Fabulous stylist

Sarah has done a fantastic job with my hair as far as offering a cut that fits my style and products that will help me feel confident about my curly hair. She is knowledgeable, professional and great at her trade.

Melissa Wright

Loved it!

I had Sarah cut my hair in the DevaCurl method, and now my hair curls like crazy! Just what I wanted. She always is so friendly and bubbly, I love getting my hair cut by her.

Hannah O

Always Ecstatic

I adore Sarah and everything about her service. The color is beyond amazing and holds well. She manages my dry, curly and unruly hair with masterful grace. The conversations are always interesting and thoughtful. If you are thinking of trying her, don't walk to her shop, run!!

Kim D


Sarah always gives me a fantastic cut. She knows the ins and outs of curly hair and really listens to what I want. She explains what she is going to do before she does it and then works her magic. I won't go to anyone else.

Sarah J


Sarah was a good listener, a prepared stylist, and did a beautiful job! I was wary of cutting my very long hair, but she did a careful and masterful job.